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    It's a boy: UK's Prince William, Kate have third child
    Posted on Monday April 23, 2018

    LONDON (Reuters) - Kate, the wife of Prince William, gave birth to a boy at a hospital in London on Monday, the third child for the British royal couple and now fifth in line to the throne.

    Iraqi shrine tablets offer blessings, cures and a living
    Posted on Sunday April 22, 2018

    KERBALA, Iraq (Reuters) - For pilgrims, the clay tablets from Iraq's Shi'ite Muslim Kerbala shrine are a blessing, an aid to prayer, even a cure for sickness. For local families, the are all that,...

    Fashion and the environment, an uncomfortable fit for McCartney
    Posted on Friday April 20, 2018

    LONDON (Reuters) - The booming fashion industry is medieval in its approach to manufacturing and needs to modernize in order to radically cut the damage it is doing to the environment, British...

    Igor the Siberian tiger gets stem-cell hip treatment in Hungary
    Posted on Saturday April 21, 2018

    SZEGED, Hungary (Reuters) - Igor, a Siberian tiger in a Hungarian zoo, received stem-cell joint treatment on Wednesday which doctors hoped would help heal its hip and allow it to live happily, on...

    Shadow-boxing tough guy should protect home-alone Japanese women
    Posted on Saturday April 21, 2018

    TOKYO (Reuters) - Behind the apartment's curtain, a tough guy is boxing, throwing left and right hooks and jabs, and lunging forward, enough to make any passing criminal think twice before breaking...

    Horses throw toads to win quirky British pub championship
    Posted on Friday April 20, 2018

    LONDON (Reuters) - With the final brass "toad" nestled at the bottom of the hole, team members from the Black Horse club jumped in the air to chest bump after becoming world champions at one of...

    Makeup courses for blind Brazilian women boost self-image
    Posted on Friday April 20, 2018

    SAO PAULO (Reuters) - No mirrors needed by these women when they apply eye-liner, mascara and blush brushes. They can't see their faces.

    UK pottery produces 'well suited' Harry and Meghan wedding mugs
    Posted on Thursday April 19, 2018

    LONDON (Reuters) - A British pottery is producing royal wedding mugs emblazoned with the description of Prince Harry and U.S. actress Meghan Markle as "game changers, free spirits, big hearts and...

    Famed UK royal biographer says Diana would approve of Meghan
    Posted on Wednesday April 18, 2018

    LONDON (Reuters) - Princess Diana would approve of her son Prince Harry's marriage to U.S. actress Meghan Markle, according to author Andrew Morton whose famous biography of the late royal caused...

    Flatpack fear no more? Robot assembles IKEA chair frame
    Posted on Thursday April 19, 2018

    SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Robots in Singapore have completed a task many humans dread - assembling flat-packed IKEA furniture.



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