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    Searchers find more bodies from AirAsia plane crash
    Posted on Friday January 02, 2015

    Search teams bring in more bodies from the AirAsia crash to a military base in Indonesia. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).

    Can a case boost your iPhone 5's WiFi? Check the Linkase
    Posted on Monday April 08, 2013

    The Linkase for iPhone 5 boasts up to a 50 percent boost in Wi-Fi signal strength thanks to a small electromagnetic waveguide extension. Does it work? See for yourself in these mobile speedtests where Wi-Fi is usually terrible.

    High def video gaming on the Chromebook Pixel: Thank you Steam!
    Posted on Wednesday April 03, 2013

    While the Chrome browser takes full advantage of the Chromebook Pixel's hardware, I thought it would interesting to see how video gaming works on the device. Quite well, with just a few small issues, it turns out.

    Multitasking with Chrome OS and Linux on the Chromebook Pixel
    Posted on Tuesday March 05, 2013

    Google's Chromebook Pixel is quite versatile after all. I can run Chrome OS and Linux at the same time, and switch between the two, allowing me to use Skype and other third party apps!

    How impressive is the Chromebook Pixel? Very!
    Posted on Saturday February 23, 2013

    I've been using a Chromebook Pixel for the past two days and a single phrase comes to mind: blown away. Is it worth $1,299 or more? Take a look to see and then stack it up against your mobile computing needs.

    Is the Acer W510 Windows 8 tablet better than Windows RT?
    Posted on Tuesday February 05, 2013

    Can a Windows 8 tablet running on Intel's Atom be a good middle ground between Windows RT and more expensive devices? Take a look at Acer's W510: great battery life and full Windows 8.

    This is Z10, the first BlackBerry 10 handset
    Posted on Wednesday January 30, 2013

    Research In Motion is no more! BlackBerry is the new company name and the Z10 is the first BlackBerry 10 handset. Here's a quick overview of the new phone.

    How sensors make your phone "Star Trek smart"
    Posted on Saturday January 12, 2013

    Can your current smartphone be any smarter? Sure it can, if the device knows how to better understand its surroundings with the help of internal sensors. Qualcomm's Project Gimbal does just that for app developers. Here's a peek at how Paramount is using the technology.

    Benchmark's Bill Gurley on network effects and local commerce
    Posted on Monday December 10, 2012

    What the VC firm learned from eBay.

    We ride along with the Nokia Drive
    Posted on Monday December 10, 2012

    Ride-along and interview Nokia's Aaron Dannenbring



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