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    Sangamo in $3 billion gene-editing deal with Gilead
    Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

    (Reuters) - U.S. drugmaker Gilead Sciences Inc will use Sangamo Therapeutics Inc's gene-editing technology to develop cancer treatments in a deal potentially worth about $3 billion to Sangamo, the companies said on Thursday.

    Self-compassion may protect perfectionists from getting depressed
    Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

    (Reuters Health) - Learning to respond to your failures with kindness, or self-compassion, may help offset the negative effects of perfectionism at any age, according to a small study of Australian teens and adults.

    Young men’s drinking tied to later liver disease risk
    Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

    (Reuters Health) - Men who drink alcohol in late adolescence are more likely to develop severe liver disease decades later than young people who don’t drink at all, a Swedish study suggests.

    Diarrhea kills 26 Congolese refugees in Uganda, infects hundreds: U.N.
    Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

    KAMPALA (Reuters) - Twenty-six refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo have died in a camp in Uganda from acute diarrhea, and hundreds more cases have been registered, an official from the United Nations refugee agency UNHCR said on Thursday.

    Blacks in U.S. lose quality of life due to fewer knee replacements
    Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

    (Reuters Health) - Black people with knee osteoarthritis may have a worse quality of life than white patients in part because they’re less likely to be offered knee replacement surgery or to get the procedure when it’s recommended, a U.S. study suggests.

    Japan wins WTO dispute over Fukushima-related food
    Posted on Friday February 23, 2018

    TOKYO/SEOUL (Reuters) - The World Trade Organization largely upheld a Japanese complaint against South Korean import bans and additional testing requirements imposed on Japanese seafood because of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

    Social interaction, staff training reduce agitation in dementia patients
    Posted on Friday February 23, 2018

    (Reuters Health) - An approach to nursing home care that fosters interest and social interaction among patients and staff may reduce agitation and other neuropsychiatric symptoms in dementia sufferers and improve their quality of life, a recent trial suggests.

    Soccer is basically medicine, some researchers argue
    Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

    (Reuters Health) - Compared to inactive people, recreational soccer players have lower cholesterol, blood pressure and resting heart rates as well as less fat mass, a research review suggests.

    Dutch prosecutors say won't open criminal case against big tobacco firms
    Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

    AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Dutch prosecutors on Thursday rejected a call by civil groups, hospitals and the city of Amsterdam to open a criminal case against major tobacco companies, saying the firms had adequately warned smokers of the health risks.

    Novo's pioneering diabetes pill impresses in first big study
    Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

    COPENHAGEN/LONDON (Reuters) - The world's largest diabetes drugmaker, Novo Nordisk, on Thursday presented the first successful data from a large final-stage study of a pill it hopes will transform the diabetes market.



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