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    Breakingviews TV: Chip scramble
    Posted on Tuesday February 20, 2018

    Qualcomm is raising its bid for NXP Semiconductors – an apparent effort to deter its own suitor, Broadcom – while proxy advisers are coming down mostly on Broadcom’s side. Rob Cyran and Tom Buerkle discuss how the moves fall short of marking a decisive twist in the battle.

    Breakingviews TV: Bank CEO pay
    Posted on Friday February 16, 2018

    Antony Currie and Richard Beales review pay at big Wall Street banks and wonder why, despite variable performance, boards are giving bosses packages in a narrow range between $23 million and $30 million.

    Breakingviews TV: Italian allure
    Posted on Friday February 16, 2018

    Breakingviews Global Editor Rob Cox discusses Italy as a destination for global capital during our Milan Predictions event with Atlantia CEO Giovanni Castellucci, Vivendi CEO Arnaud de Puyfontaine, A2A's Alessandra Perrazzelli, and Lazard Italia CEO Marco Samaja.

    Breakingviews TV: Italy reborn?
    Posted on Wednesday February 14, 2018

    Demand is up; exports are strong. But there’s still work to do. Ahead of a March 4 election, Enel CEO Francesco Starace and UBI boss Victor Massiah discuss policy priorities and ways to boost Italy’s potential with ENI Chair Emma Marcegaglia and UniCredit’s Fabrizio Saccomanni.

    Breakingviews TV: Media melee
    Posted on Tuesday February 13, 2018

    Feb 13 - Carlyle’s Julius Genachowski, Margate Capital’s Samantha Greenberg, Viacom’s DeDe Lea and PJT Partners’ James Murray discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the world’s top content creators. Bonus: Look for a FAANG to buy a media company this year.

    Breakingviews TV: Better bankers
    Posted on Friday February 09, 2018

    New York Fed President Bill Dudley discusses ways to improve the culture of the financial industry with CIT CEO Ellen Alemany and former Citi executive Bill Rhodes. Hint: there's work to be done on better aligning compensation and values, and creating stronger boards.

    Breakingviews TV: Musk in space
    Posted on Friday February 09, 2018

    Tesla’s boss has sent a Roadster into orbit from his SpaceX rocket. It’s a great stunt, but as Richard Beales and Antony Currie explain, it does nothing for the challenges the electric-car maker faces: investment needs and delayed sales mean Tesla needs to raise capital.

    Breakingviews TV: New ventures
    Posted on Friday February 09, 2018

    Venture-capital heavyweight Sequoia is changing tack, with a multibillion-dollar fund to back private firms later in their development. Alec Macfarlane and Quentin Webb look at what this says about startups, and why investors might be better off with old-fashioned buyouts.

    Breakingviews TV: #MeToo risk
    Posted on Wednesday February 07, 2018

    Some companies are punished for sexual-harassment transgressions, Steve Wynn’s empire for example, while others skate by. Jennifer Saba talks with John Foley about assessing which industries are most exposed.

    Breakingviews TV: Boeing/Brazil
    Posted on Tuesday February 06, 2018

    Tom Buerkle and Richard Beales discuss Boeing’s idea of owning up to 90 percent of Brazil-based Embraer’s commercial aircraft business, as reported locally, and what it means for the aerospace giant’s rivalry with Airbus.



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