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    World Cup fans face fake restaurant reviews
    Posted on Monday May 21, 2018

    A Russian marketing agency has offered to help restaurants in cities hosting the soccer World Cup use fake reviews to bump up ratings on review site TripAdvisor.

    Meghan Markle puts her own stamp on the monarchy
    Posted on Monday May 21, 2018

    A biography of Britain's latest royal, Meghan Markle, appeared on the monarchy's official website within hours of her marrying Prince Harry, with a single quote: "I am proud to be a woman and a feminist."

    UAE company turns camel milk into baby formula
    Posted on Monday May 21, 2018

    A company based in the UAE, which recently unveiled a baby formula made with camel milk, says its unique products are due to hit local markets soon.

    Maduro wins re-election amid outcry over vote
    Posted on Monday May 21, 2018

    Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro comfortably won re-election in a controversial vote on Sunday, the election board said, though his main rivals both declared the poll illegitimate due to alleged widespread irregularities.

    Iran: EU support of nuclear deal isn't enough
    Posted on Monday May 21, 2018

    Iran's foreign ministry says that Washington's withdraw from the nuclear agreement means Tehran may not have enough benefits to uphold their side of the deal, even with the remaining European powers still on board.

    Man injured as Hawaii lava flow advances
    Posted on Sunday May 20, 2018

    Officials say a man's leg was partially shattered by lava spatter, as a stream of fiery lava threatens to block a key highway on Hawaii's Big Island.

    Pope appoints new cardinals to cement legacy
    Posted on Sunday May 20, 2018

    Pope Francis said on Sunday he would elevate 14 churchmen from five continents to the rank of cardinal, picking candidates that work with the poor or where Catholics are in a minority and putting his stamp on the group that will elect his successor.

    No honeymoon just yet for newly wed royal couple
    Posted on Sunday May 20, 2018

    The new Duke and Duchess of Sussex plan to hit the ground running as a royal couple. They won't be taking a honeymoon yet, and will get stuck into their first royal engagement just days after Saturday's lavish wedding.

    Signs emerge of Iraq's next coalition
    Posted on Sunday May 20, 2018

    Iraqi cleric Moqtada al-Sadr meets the prime minister, in what looks like a sign the two will work together to form the next government. Sadr is opposed to both the United States and Iran and has emerged as likely kingmaker after winning the country's election.

    China agrees to import more from U.S.
    Posted on Saturday May 19, 2018

    After joint talks in Washington, China has agreed to take measures to boost imports from the United States to reduce America’s trade deficit.



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